Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, I have 5 days, then the day is here. My first Bexx Secret Garden Event!
Terry & I  finally put the finishing touches on the patio. I think we both have a new found respect for the day labors and everyone who does the laying of pavers etc. We have both vowed never to do again!

Terry putting in the grout between the pavers. Of course we ran short at the end! We made due though. I also let go of trying to make every tile even & perfectly spaced. I finally just said "oh who gives a shit"! "Lets just get it finished". If we didn't I'd be out there right now trying to get every one perfect. You reach a point, where it just needs to get done & it is what it is. I'm a "Diva" not a professional tile layer. Terry's a "Producer" not a tile layer. We did it and it's done and looks just fine. Not to mention the fact that we saved thousands of dollars!

Brian and Terry putting together a table.
 Brain came over yesterday and helped us with setting up our seating area's and doing some odd jobs. Thank you Brian!
Putting together fans.

Lucy is supervising it all. You can't see in the picture but her hind  legs are spread out like a  frog .

Patio partially set up.

Terry quitting for the day, having a drink and cigar in new sitting area.

Where we're going to station Bill, at the bar.

See all the plants I added on the side?

Just another picture to catalog what we have done.

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