Monday, November 7, 2011

Crazy Cooking Challenge Truffle Mashed Potaoes

For this Crazy Cooking Challenge I chose to use a recipe from the blog Smash and Sniff (don't you just love that name!). I chose them because I'd just bought a beautiful truffle at the Hollywood Farmer's Market from LA Funghi that I wanted to use in a mash recipe for this challenge. I'd dreamt about truffles and pork all night the night before & though any normal person SoCalite would not trot out to the Farmer's Market on a cold & wet Sunday morning, I WAS GOING to the Market hoping my favorite vendors would be there & getting my truffle!

I had to search a bit for a blog with a truffle mashed potato recipe that actually used truffle rather than oil. Smash & Sniff didn't let me down. This was an easy and wonderful recipe.


1 recipe of your most delicious classic mashed potatoes
black truffle (a little goes a long way, but don’t be stingy) 

1. Your mashed potatoes should be made with lots and lots of butter and cream. Don’t skimp, it’s Thanksgiving and you have truffles in the fridge! I would make the smooth and fluffy variety, not the chunky rustic-style. Definitely “mash” the potatoes with a ricer. Mix them as little as possible- agitation makes them gummy. Season with kosher salt. 

2. With a microplane (very fine grater), grate the truffle into the mashed potatoes. Use a heavy hand. I really do not think you can overdo it. 

3. Serve the best mashed potatoes anyone has ever had in their lives and try to be humble.

I had my tasters over Joakim (I'm getting as much time as I can with him before he goes back to Sweden to start a new and wonderful like with sweet Maria  (check out her blog about their love ) & Brian  for some Red Snapper from the Creepy Crab man, whom I have a bit a bone to pick. When I got home with this "whole" fish, not an expensive fish I might add,  I noticed he was not real fresh. Not what I expect from my fisherman "Captain John" (yes I know his real name now!). 
No one wanted to sit outside, because it was so cold & wet the 40's are very cold for us, especially this time of year. So I had Jo put the potatoes through the potato ricer while I worked on the Frisee Aux Salad. 

When it came time to serve,  I did as the recipe said I lightly mashed them. I warmed my whole cream & butter up and poured over the mash then used my microplane to grate that lovely earthy truffle onto the smooth, rich buttery potatoes, it was fabulous! If you want a treat I would suggest this recipe for any time you want to treat yourself like a diva or for a special occasion such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. The truffle I bought was a black one from Italy and it was not expensive, the white truffle  she had was another story.  They are also cultivating black truffles from Oregon that are less expensive than Italian or French.
If you've never tried truffle this a great recipe to start with. You really don't need much and you get the full flavor of the truffle.

Truffle in a Lobster mushroom


  1. This sounds absolutely divine! I love truffles!

  2. Thanks Jey, Will try your blue cheese apple recipe once I'm off my low carb diet!

  3. this has me salivating and wishing I had a truffle hidden away somewhere :)

  4. Hi Tandy, Are truffles hard to come by in South Africa? I'm surprised you haven't started cultivating them since you cultivate so many other wonderful things.
    I guess you saw that I didn't get onto The Crazy Cooking Challenge. Apparently I asked too many questions about how to do it & did it all wrong. I was left feeling like an complete idiot so I pulled it down off my site.
    I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do in this blog world.
    For now I guess I'll just keep cooing,singing & entertaining and just see where it goes.


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