Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I have resolved to prepare just food that I have on hand and not to go to the store for anything (except wine) this week and maybe into next. With so many veggies growing in the garden I don't think I'll even go to the Farmer's Market. I am a bit low on fruit though.
This is ridiculous! People in so many other countries buy just what they need for the day!

I have so much food in my refrigerator and freezer not to mention my dry goods.
I will not look at the ads for what is on special this week!!!!
Stay posted to my blog and see what I come up with!

If anyone wants to email me a picture of their refrigerator with a note I'd love to post it. Does anyone have a more stuffed frig and freezer than me? Please email me at

I'm off to the store to buy some wine, then I'm in the kitchen for the evening!


  1. Well of is the important STUFF! Duh. But I'll bet you make at least one trip to the store. :) -- Brian

  2. I did go buy wine and some ice cream for Terry!


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