Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is Ridiculous!

Sunday Supper with Joakim, Brian, Maria Denise, Abdul & us.
London Broil with Caramelized Onions, Zucchini & Parnigiano casserole & salad.
I've been home, what two weeks now? I think I've only blogged once and it was about that damn coffee machine! I've been cooking and creating new recipes most every night but I've been in technology hell most everyday. Again, Baby Huey, if you're out there THANK YOU for screwing us after we paid you, fed you, got insurance for you!!! You are welcome! We're still getting over the sting, that you sat here ate a meal I prepared for you and flat out lied to us and took our money. I know you are young, but please how about some integrity, honesty & finishing the job's you were paid for?  I now get to spend so much extra time trying to get things that I don't know much about done posted etc.

Terry says "now you will know how to do it". Thanks, but I'd love to be spending my time on recipe's putting my costs & menu's together for future events oh, and music, singing?

Oh well, that's life. LET'S COOK!

Lobster Mushrooms from Hollywood Farmer's Market,. Roasted beets from the Market, some parsley, garlic & lemon pasta. What can I make? 

MMM, don't those Lobster Mushrooms look fabulous! 

Throw the beets in to add another depth of rich sweet flavor.
It's a one pot dish so we need some greens. In goes one of my favorite's spinach.
Hmm, how about some chevre?

Sprinkle fresh croutons, some Parmigiano on top and away we go!


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