Monday, July 11, 2011

Afraid I'm not going to make any more or less sense than normal!

I don't want to bombard people, but feel I should write daily and I missed yesterday.
I'm very tired since I started working out today and then worked in the garden for about 4 hours.
I also tried to do way toooo much again yesterday! That is how it goes, if you want to get things going.
Anyway, I'm gonna keep it short. Besides working out and doing a bit in the yard yesterday, Wayne and I started working in my songs for my Secret Garden, Open House. There are so many songs I want to do, but I do have to remind myself the event is a few weeks away. Once again, I get carried away because there are so many new songs I'd love to do!

Back to food. Yesterday I decided to try to make a veggie lasagna with all of my zucchini and eggplant. We also had a lamb roast.

 We had Joakim, Tommy and Trevor over. Joakim comes over at least once a week for dinner (since he lives right next door), but we haven't seen Tommy and Trevor in quite some time.

Trevor giving his funny and personal sermon.
We met Trevor at Mirabelle on Sunset Boulevard in hollywood I'd say, at least 12 years ago. He was a waiter there and we became fast friends. When Terry and I were there on a Christmas Eve he invited us to a party at he and Tommy's house and we have all been friends ever since. Trevor is now a waiter at The Capital Grille Los Angeles . If you want a great meal and great service go to Capital Grille and be sure to ask for Trevor for the best service you will ever experience! Trevor also married Terry and I. Trevor is also and avid gardener like me.
Tommy creating my beautiful bouquet.
Tommy is a hairdresser to the stars on movie set and also does my hair and make up (didn't he do good at the wedding?) They both helped is so many ways with the wedding I will always be thankful and so touched by all they did for us. They are truly creative and wonderful friends that we cherish and don't take the time to see enough.
Lonely Lasagna on plate.

Veggie Lasagna and Salad 
The Lasagna turned out a bit soupy but not on the plate just in the dish. I think I need to salt and get the water out of the zucchini next time. Everyone loved it though and we are eating it again tonight!
Gotta go practice! Have a great night everyone!

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