Saturday, July 9, 2011


I was woke up last night with one of my sinus headaches and it is still with me at 7:55 AM this morning.
Don't know how much I am up to writing with this pounding in my sinus and head. (This is great, I was to start working with Wayne on new songs today for my Open House).
Terry telling me not to take a picture of him.

I would like to introduce you to my husband  Terry Crosby. Our friends will tell you, he is pretty spoiled by me, especially when it comes to food. I'm now on my second cup of coffee and I'm feeling the vice on my brain beginning to lift a bit. Back to Terry. We have this thing, he asked me every single day, especially when I am about to walk out the door "what are we doing tonight?" This translates to "what is for dinner?"
Brian & Tara 

Trout Ready for Stuffing and Grilling

Now, I think we had a pretty grand meal for the 4th! Then on Tuesday we had Richard and Brian back over for fresh steamed clams (I had bought at FM but not enough for everyone on the 4th but too much for just the two of us). While picking up a few things at Costco I happen to find some trout that looked beautiful and I could not resist, since I am a food junkie. Even though they were wrapped in plastic, the eyes were clear, so I decided to take the chance and buy them. What the hell, If they were bad I could always take them back. I was pleased to not smell any fishiness when I opened the pkg. I stuffed them with fennel, some leaks, shallot, parsley, butter and spices and we grilled them. They were wonderful. Everyone went crazy over them. Brian kept talking about how it took him back to his childhood eating lovely fresh whole trout. (unfortunately I was so tired I forgot to take pictures of the meal after it was cooked). Terry is still saying we need to get some more trout. Richard sent me an email saying it was the best meal he's had here yet!

Soooo even though, I had entertained several days last week and into this week and I was trying to finish setting up this blog, still having some clean up from all the entertaining, not to mention the filth in my kitchen to be cleaned up & my everyday care of garden etc. You guessed it.... just as every other afternoon, "what are we doing tonight"? Even on Weds., when I took the day off to relax after weeks of laying the patio and schlepping bags of sand pavers & digging in the ground. While I'm at the nail salon. The call comes in. Oh, you know what he asked, don't you? By the time I got home he had scrounged some left over trout and found some other things to pick at, so he was fine.

This all brings me to the wonder of eggs. We've had egg dishes several time this week and last.
Eggs are so versatile. They are light and nutritious and so easy to throw something together with. Be it a sauce, breakfast, some sort of dessert, not to mention all the recipes that call for them.

Yesterday after being sucked into the black hole, called the "internet", all day, when I finally emerged you know the question I was asked.... "what are we doing tonight?" I did have very good intentions of getting in the kitchen to do some creating yesterday, but as I said, I was sucked into the black abyss. I've had all these root veggies I bought a week or so ago, when I woke up with the idea of a spring vegetable stew. That idea never seem to evolve, so last week I'd roasted them (another idea, but no time to follow through with). I had to so something with them. So I threw them all into the blender with some parsley, lemon and light sour cream. I had some veggie's and some little mini hard pita things Abdul brought for the 4th. I put the dip into a bowl and just put everything else out in the bags they were in on our little patio table. Terry went nuts over the dip. But.... he was still hungry. Something you need to know about Terry is, he is like a dog. He doesn't really eat much all day and then loves to eat a good size meal at night. When I looked in my frig, that is overflowing with food, there were those eggs again right in front of me calling to me.

I just was not in the mood to make much.
 So it was going to be eggs again!                                                                                                                                                                              

I also have zucchini starting to come out of my ears, especially the large one's that hid from me and overgrew. I just picked some more fresh tomatoes.

So I pulled out the skillet put some olive oil, heated up to high. I sliced some zucchini and threw them in and tried to get them nice and brown.
My thought was to make a take on a frittata.
I fried the zucchini on one side turned them over. Then I was rummaging through the frig and found the cramini mushrooms and a cut Wala Wala onion, so I sliced the mushrooms and onion and threw them in on top of the zucchini. I let them cook a bit and get soft. I mixed up some eggs and milk put some spices and grated some cheese into the egg mix and threw it on top of the veggies. Grated a small amount of cheese on the top.

I put the oven on 400, put the pan in the oven and let it go. It took about a half hour to bake. We watched the final episode of  Law and Order Criminal Intent  (boohoo). Before the show was over it was finished baking, in about 30minutes. I let it cool a few minutes (not to long because Terry was starving by now). I cut a serving out of the pan, put on a plate with a couple sliced tomatoes and  we had a meal.

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