Friday, July 8, 2011


Well here goes nothin! I'm just gonna jump into the pool with the rest you blogger's out there. I'm still wondering why anyone would want to hear what I have to say and about my life! So many seem to think we have an interesting and different life, I've been convinced to start this blog.
I'll be writing about life in NOHO. My struggles of trying to have some sort of small career in the music business at the age of 51. I swear they are trying to take them out of the womb these days and make them star! The younger the better, if you can sing or not really doesn't matter. It's just the making of the machine!
Back to what I was saying: the struggle of trying to balance my life with my husband, my surrogate husband (will explain in another post), my music & writing, our video production business, my garden and home, along with the creation of recipes and writing of a cookbook and the opening and running of my Supper Club. Oh, and let's not forget...about the struggles with my the weight I have gained over the last several years and cannot seem to get off! I know my love of wine has a bit to do with it but really! Like my husband says though, I physically work hard and try to work out that is when my back or hips are not flaring up and I  still can't lose more than 5 lbs!!!
Anyway here I come!

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