Friday, July 8, 2011

Farmer's Market Bounty

I went a little crazy at the Farmer's Market this day. I swear, I just lose my mind at the market!
On this day I got black cod (from  the creepy crab guy), little purple artichokes, raspberries, blackberries, assorted mushrooms, asparagus, what else is in there?
Oh, clams it looks like, blueberries and of course we can't forget all of those lovely mushrooms and the onions oh and I spy some oysters in there! What did I do with all of this?
 Going through my pictures looks like I made a seafood pasta!
Actually, now that I look at the date of the picture this was another time I must have gone crazy at the market!
I do recall, we had Brian over for dinner. We did raw oysters on the half shell with assorted sauces. I steamed the clams and put in some homemade tomatillo sauce, it was pretty amazing! Who knows what else I did with the rest. If I don't take pictures or write it down (something I fail to do quite a bit and catch hell for) I forget what I did or even made!

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