Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinner for Two

Robert Mondavi 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon  Reserve
Terry leaves for Vancouver to go to see our guys at Exile  &  going to the Siggraph Convention today,  we tried to have a romantic dinner and celebrate the fact that we made it through our Open House and he met his deadline with our Company Website Univaya in time for the Convention. Neither one of us can believe we met our deadlines, redid the yard and who know's what else. 

A dear, dear friend that I recently reconnected with after about 20 years, but have not seen yet, sent us this lovely bottle of wine. She suggested we take some time before the Open House and have a dinner and share this wine.. There was no way we were going to  be able to enjoy while all the madness was going on! Thank you sooo much Suz. You are so sweet and special. 
When I first opened the bottle. Terry said "oh this is just as good as what I had last night". But..... after a few sips, he sure changed his tune! He kept saying "This is really great wine". It was lovely, so smooth and fruity a real treat!

Mmm, mushrooms, roasted sweet cherry tomatoes & blue cheese !

The dinner was sooo simple and good.
I just made a wedge salad with avocado, green onions, black olives and garden tomatoes with ranch dressing. I don't have any pictures since it was hot out and we just sat in the kitchen and ate while watching Two Fat Ladies  (love them).

I also made my take on a Cherry Clafouti (I's still developing not quite where I want it).

I bought some lovely rib eye Steaks seasoned them well. Grilled them and topped them with roasted sweet tomatoes, blue cheese &  some mushrooms I saute's with garlic, wine and green onions and parsley. 

Oh and I steamed some cauliflower and broccoli with Spike Seasoning, my favorite go to spice. 

I just threw a few potatoes in the oven and we topped with butter sour cream and mushrooms, again nummer!


  1. Ha,ha, I was with Terry going to the airport when I saw this and read it to him!!! What day are you back?


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