Saturday, August 6, 2011


Can a girl get some privacy while she naps?

Awww, this is just puuuurrrrfect.

Can I just sleep for a week?
I'm just pooped. I can't even lift a paw.

 Well, here we are, one week after our first Bexx Secret Garden Event. Boy are we pooped out!
We got, or should I say, me, Bexx, THE DIVA, got most everything cleaned up and put away by Weds. morning.
Thinking I was going to have a few days to catch my breath....... another project that needed my prompt attention came about.
For those of you that don't know, I've been a bit stressed because the property next door to us is up for sale. I have been worried they were going to knock the buildings down and build a ginormous apartment building, leaving a big mess and noise for months & months. I could envision the constant dust and grime. Not to mention the sawing, hammering and who know's what else!
The property was reposed by the bank several months ago. Recently there has been a flurry of activity over there. People moving out. Other's coming and going. At one point I saw guys with demolition shirts on taking video and then boom, it was on the market! (Of course the day before my Open House). I was worried, but had resigned myself to the fact that I'd just have to let go and hope it all turned out OK.
At one point during the madness of setting up for our Open House, I tried to call and find out info on the  property, but it was just a recording telling me to call another number. This, I did not have time for.
Many others sure had the time.  It was like sharks circling, people constantly coming and going. Terry happened to talk to a guy that was looking at the property and found out it was actually affordable. This went into my brain, but I was so tired and so busy with clean up, I kind of let it go. On Tues. morning as I was getting my head above water, it dawned on me,  we should look into it purchasing the property! I talked to Terry and Wayne and we decided to move forward.
I then called the Realtor that I had met prior to it going on the market. He had given me his card and told me he was the listing agent for the bank. I asked him to come over so Terry and I could speak with him and run a few numbers, (it turned out he was next door showing the property, so I just went over there). Now, this is where it gets very interesting.
Once we ran some numbers & told him we had stellar credit could put a very good down payment on the property, we asked if we could look at the condo's.
There are three condo's on the property. Terry and I had been in one several years ago with the previous owner, but had never seen the others and didn't know what current condition they were in. Wayne had never seen the inside of any of the condo's, so we asked if we could take a quick look at them while he was here. Now mind you, they are right next door, we practically share a yard and they are vacant. He promptly said, "you have to qualify with the bank that owns it first". Whaaaattt?
 He gave me a number of the guy at the bank, knowing full well, it would be almost impossible to get hold of him. What he didn't know is.... that when I put my mind to something and I want something I can be pretty tenacious.

It took two days of calling, to get a call back, but I finally did on Weds. afternoon. Here is where the next kicker comes in. He told me that he was not doing anymore pre-approvals after 11AM Thurs., the next morning! It was 1:30-2:00 in the afternoon. He also told me the price would be more, since there is a bidding war going on and asked if we could handle the higher price. I assured him we could. He told me he'd email me the package of what he needed for the pre-approval, when he got back in his office. He also told me to call the Realtor that told us to call and tell him "that we pow-wowed and to get together and write up and offer etc". Well, that was Weds. to this moment (11:30 AM Saturday), I never received a call back from him. I did speak to him briefly, and he said he would get back to me in an hour. It what century did he mean?

There is something you have to know. There are quite a few devious and crooked Realtor's out there, right now. It is my belief he has preferred customers  he wants to sell to and will do as much as he can to keep other offers off the table. I was told by another Realtor that some Realtor's aren't even submitting offers that people have put in on properties. I think that is illegal. Getting the feeling I was being jerked around by this little prick, made me even more determined!!!

The long and short of it is. I had a new Realtor here by 7PM on Weds. We had our approval and offer in by 10:30AM or so Thurs. Morning!!! Did he really think.... I was just going to go away?!?! Oh, the young and greedy..... and can I say?  Stupid and full of themselves!!

We are all now keeping our fingers crossed! But, really??? Right after I'd worked my self to death to get ready for my Bexx Secret Garden Open House! Then all the freak'in clean up! Not to mention, we have been in build, move studio, offices, kitchen  and entertaining wares & reorganization mode, for the last year. All my files are still in boxes shoved in a corner in my cooking shed, still waiting to be reorganized! I had my shed somewhat organized where I could get in there and get my things and now it looks like a bomb went off in there again!!! I don't dare put anything away or move anything until I know if our offer is accepted. Sure enough, if I put away my files & boxes, we will need something out of them!

I'm not sure what I'll do today, maybe nothing...., probably not. There is watering to do. Recipes to work on and music to sing, practice and write! Not to mention all the follow up from my event and planning the next events along with working out the kinks.
Sooo, no I don't think I'll be taking the day off.

Day three final clean up.

My very tired husband. Through all of this he has had his own deadline on our new company website!

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