Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'm still here cooking and singing.
I had to take a few days off from sitting at the computer. I went to the acupuncturist on Weds. & realized my back was much worse than I thought it was.
The good news is I have been 3 times and I'm almost pain free!!!
I felt so good. When I got home the girls (the diva kitties) and I went out to the garden and hung out and took pictures.

Something is munching my basil.

More peppers on the way.

My pink tomatoes 

Cucumber vine & flower.

Kangaroo Paw, Eggplant, Geraniums, oh my!

Lulu getting ready to crawl in the basket to pretend she is a fruit!

Sophie, keeping an eye on the bumble bee.

Diva Kitties

Sweet mini tomatoes have just about given all they have.

There's a bee in there getting nectar, just stay still so I can get your picture!

Garden Sign

I'm just chill'n!

Hmm, let me ponder that for a moment.

Dinner with the guys on Friday night.
Lulu checking it all out!

Building of a new idea! 

My take on a Caprese salad, ala aspic terrine.

What am I going to with these ingredient???

I know a garden potato gratin!

Joakim back from Sweden, Matt (the worm) and Brian. Brain wasn't so sure about my latest concoction. 

I'm missing Curtis, his cocktail is in the picture though.

My first watermelon out of the garden, oh, soooo sweet!


  1. I must go back for some more acupuncture! Your garden is looking amazing :)

  2. Yes, I'd forgotten how much they help. Years ago when I developed allergies and it was effecting my voice, my voice coach told me to go to one and he cured my problems. I don't know why I stopped going. I won't this time. I'm back this morning for another round of acupuncture and intense massage. The massage has also helped.
    Feeling great this morning and I'm trying to get caught up on the blogs I've missed reading. I know I've missed quite a bit from you.

  3. Once of these days I'm going to be at an event at The Cantina where I don't have my mouth hanging open, or don't look like something one of the cats dragged in...and the world will stop! - Brian

  4. We eat & drink too much for your mouth to be closed! You don't look like a cat toy....


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