Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WELL....... WE DID IT!!!!

We got through our fist event! Thanks to my wonderful friends and husband. Thank you, Brian, Richard, Curtis, Lauren, Craigie and my son Matt, for all you did. I could not have pulled this off without you all.

Bit of the kitchen on Thursday or Friday? It's all such a blur now. Potatoes for my smoked paprika roasted potatoes.

Outside on Thursday.

I know this is Thursday  because the triscuit's Terry and Stuart had to eat for dinner on Wednesday  are on the counter. Stuart is our web code writer, who was here working in the studio, of all things, where I needed to rehearse!!! Again, "Diva" what the hell is that?!?!!! Terry did take him out and had him work in the house, but....... he kept coming in the studio looking for something!!!! Again, "Diva"? NOT! I just needed about and hour in the studio so I could rehearse one last time, before I was completely exhausted! I thought Diva's were always thought of first? Not so much around here.

Friday we are finally figuring out where the tables are going to  go.

Wow, what a mess!

Curtis trying to figure out how to do my backdrop.

I'm missing pictures of Richard and Brian  on Saturday, doing all of their hard work,  getting the patio finished and looking pretty. We were just so busy that I didn't have time to pull the camera out and take pictures. I do believe I thought about it.

Curtis and his beautiful smile, after working on his feet  for hours at Starbucks.

Curtis and Lauren in deep discussion over the backdrop.

My honey working on my sound.

Me taking a quick break from the kitchen to look at back drop and to take a picture.

Side patio still under preparation.

Lauren and Curtis sampling my take on a Spanish Tortilla, nummer!
Annie & Curtis in the kitchen. Curtis cooking the shrimp for the Gazpacho . Who know 's what the hell Annie is saying something very funny I am sure.

Two of my very bestest friends! Annie is my partner, in what Terry's calls "debauchery". It's a good thing she didn't stay the night or Terry would have had no sleep and I would have been more trashed then I was on Sunday. I am pretty sure, I would not have had a voice left. More than likely, we would have stayed up most of the night! When Terry kicked the last of the our guests out, she and I were just beginning to take off! As we say "let the cackling begin! When we take off, there is not much stopping us. It is funny whenever I am on the phone with Annie, Wayne in the front house always says, "where you on the phone with Annie last night? He can hear me laughing clear in his house!
Curtis is always there for me, when I need him. I can't believe he worked all day then came here and worked all night. Like he said "I'm going from one plantation to another", haha. I think he then had to sing at church the next morning. I love you both, my crazy and very talented  friends.
 I don't have many pictures that I took of the party. Here are few random ones. I have more that Terry and our friend Dax took. Along with Video. I'll be posting those as soon as I get them.
Jeffy with his Sangria. He loves foo foo drinks.

Pictures Brian tried to take of me singing, until he got frustrated and put the camera up. There will be better ones.

Terry & Lulu in bed after we finally got everyone out and a few things cleaned up, about 1:30AM.  Me on the other hand, I still had some more cleaning up to do. Then I needed to just watch some Food Network & drink some wine & unwind a bit. I got to bed about 2:30AM.

More shots of people and me singing.

OK, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle producers, I wasn't kidding when I said  "I do it all"! I just need a little help from my friends.....

All in all, it turned out great. We had some glitches with my sound that threw off my singing a bit. And of course, after no sleep for I don't know how many days and working non stop from 6 in the morning then going on to perform at 9PM my voice was not exactly where I would have liked it. When do I ever get to be "The Diva"?
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to all of my beautiful & wonderful friends and family. I love you all very, very much! OK, let's start planning the next event!!!!


  1. It was now we just need the rest of the pictures so you can really see what it was like!


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