Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, here we are a month later...... Please forgive the sound and any of my mistakes. I don't think (but you never know with me), I'll ever be crazy enough again to cook all the food, do the decor (with help from my friends) plant, weed and whatever else the week of or on the day when I'll then choose to sing for an hour and a half after being up since 5:30AM! Like Richard said "you can never go from Sculley maid in the kitchen to performing ever again" It's not that I really wanted to.
We had a glitch with my sound, actually more than a glitch, but hey, the show must go on! Unfortunately, I wasn't only exhausted, the problem with my mic and sound system really affected my performance. Also, note the sound is just going through a camera so you aren't getting the full effect, not even close! Another thing we didn't have time to do, get the sound and recording of my performance & video set up correctly. This will give you an idea of it all though.
I think everyone had a great time and enjoyed themselves and I know they all want to come back for another dinner. The only problem is, I think everyone is expecting me to sing every time, which I'm more than happy to do, but I will need much more help if I'm going to do this again! 

Anna & John

Annie & Lauren

One girl that let loose hours ago and another that is ready after a  very, very long day!

Watch out world!

I hope they're watching and smiling while I'm singing.

Bill analyzing the shrimp.

Wonderful friends helping me in the kitchen.

I think Curtis was telling me to get myself changed to perform! He's sooooo bossy!

George and his flower and wine.

Rich, Daryl & Joe, I wonder what they are smiling about?

What a lovely smile.


Double trouble Jeff and Lauren

Janet taking it all in.

Baby meatballs and chicken bites.

Don't look at me like that!


Let me just tell you.

Uncle and niece. Isn't she beautiful?


Ok, I'm finally posting pictures from my Open House. I'm debating on posting video since my sound was bad!!!

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