Friday, September 2, 2011

Ahhhhhhhh, After a Frustrating Day, Escargot by the Fire

Yesterday I told myself, I was not going to do anything (except water the garden) until I got signed up with a company to handle my mailing list, news letter's etc. (Still not finished by the way).
After a day of twitter, facebook, aweb & god knows what else, I was ready for a bit of time in the kitchen away from a computer!!!
We were going over to Brian & Richards to see the progress made on their new back yard & sit around the "new" fire pit, drink wine & eat cheese & crackers. Since they both work in offices all day, I told Brian I'd bring something to snack on, so I went into the kitchen my frig & pantry to see what I could put together.
I found some figs, some sweet roasted nuts I'd made for the open  house,  a can of Escargot, some Gorgonzola & some Garlic Stuffed Olives nummer.

I thought I'd tackle the Escargot first.
I heated up some Olive Oil in pan. Added Garlic & some Jalapeno Pepper from the garden. toasted until nicely browned then removed form the oil.

I added some finely chopped Vadalia Onion  & Red & Yellow Bell Peppers & cooked  on med until tender.

Then I added some butter & melted.

Drained and rinsed the Escargot.
Added it to the pan with all the goodies in it.
Added some Maderia

Let it simmer & cook down a bit.

I added some flour & made a roux then added some half n half & a mix of cheeses provolone, mozzarella, parmigiana and simmered again.  

I put some pieces of toast on the bottom of dish. Poured cheese escargot mixture over the toast. I topped with a dash of Smoked Paprika 

I put under broiler until nice & bubbly & brown.

I put some toast with it a few sprigs of Thyme (I forgot I put some fresh  Thyme &  Parsley in cheese mixture.
I forgot the Figs! I cut in half put into the broiler and cooked until they started to brown. Put some Gorgonzola on top  put back in broiler to melt and topped with spiced nuts then drizzled some Flower Honey over the top.

 What a great ending to a very frustrating day! Food, wine & people you love.

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