Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well it's 8:15 AM and I am only now soaking all of the flower and plant beds, so the person staying at our house won't have to do again for a few days.
I still have to pack
I'm coloring my hair as I am writing, watering and cleaning up.
I still have to get the dry ice for my cakes.
I need to go by mail box and get my new Elizabeth David books I ordered specifically to read on the trip.
I need to get extra keys to various people
As you can see, I don't have a husband who likes to get on the road early. He is actually still sound asleep.

I was trying to plan where we'd go tonight to eat and stay but as I was still running around at 3PM yesterday I let that idea go. More than likely we'll be staying somewhere in Redding CA and going to the same place to eat that we always go to. It is actually pretty good.
Tomorrow we will be in Oregon at my father's where the EATING WILL BEGIN!
I told you I was going up for my mother's birthday but we're also going to see my father and a few other relatives.
My father, grows it, catches it, kills it, cook it, smokes it, and who knows what else!!!
It is going to be fun Terry going to get some film of us cooking etc.
Stay tuned for my updates on our 2011 Road Trip!


  1. We did and are now in Oregon. Had a great meal at my dad's last night and he is cooking up a storm already this morning!


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