Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day Two Road Trip

It's 11:38 and we've been on the road for about an hour. We just crossed over into the Oregon Boarder. We tried to get a picture of the sign but Terry decided to pass a truck just as we passed the sign.
We just traveled through beautiful Shasta. I got video but of course we haven't put my editing program back on my computer.
It's funny, as soon as we hit the Oregon boarder it is all cloudy. It's crazy, it has dropped 30 degrees outside. We are going into even more beautiful country. I do love Oregon, but neither Terry or I could live is the rain. 
First things first. Had to go get this beer we had last night before we left.
 We got into Redding at about 7PM last night. Of course we didn't reserve a hotel room since we weren't sure if we'd make it that far, due to our late start. Just to let you all know, this is not the best idea. Redding is a little town pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but it's on the way to somewhere, so it can be pricey. And it was. 
We have found a great restaurant that we like to go to in Redding though,  it is at the Best Western Hilltop called C.R. Gibbs. We've stayed at the Best Western and know the beds are comfortable & we weren't in the mood to go searching for a place to stay, so we decided to stay there, though it was over priced and our room was on the freeway! We did want to get to the bar at C.R. Gibbs.
If you are traveling the I5 from Oregon or Vancouver to Los Angeles area Redding is a good mid point. Just remember to try to book your room ahead of time either through an online booking company or directly with the hotel chain.
If you're looking for a place to eat lunch or dinner then check out  CR Gribbs,  it's a great place. They have an amazing selection of micro brews on draft and Jeff the bartender that is usually there when go,  is a great guy. They have great specials, last night they had a great looking Sea Bass with wasabi. A pork medallion dish and a risotto that I almost went for. Since I wanted a nice cold  Downtown Brown I decide a burger would be best. They have a few burgers to choose from. I chose the Garlic Asiago Burger & Terry got the All American with Bacon & Cheese. Though I couldn't eat all mine it was amazing. The bun was fresh and soft. The cheese & garlic on the burger was perfect, not too much nor too little. And the fries passed the Terry test.
My beer was as big as my head! It was like lifting weights just to drink it. We discovered Downtown Brown here last year while traveling through & fell in love with it. Though I buy it by the bottle, it's just not the same as draft.

While eating Terry was talking to Jeff about Guinness and he had Terry try a new beer Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, before you know it, we have another beer, but not as large. Just like last year we discovered a new beer we love at C.R. Gibbs. Wow, it was amazing. Smooth, rich & full bodied.  As Terry decribes it," it has much more taste than any beer with a rich brown head on it". "A Guinness without the bitter taste". So of course, we had to go and buy it this morning. Thus the pictures.

I din't get any pictures at C.R. Gibbs since I'm still getting use to this whole blogging thing and trying to find my feet. Here's a link to some pictures of food at CR Gibbs

We're a little rough this morning since we had very little sleep!!! Of course they are working on I5 and they had all the trucks parked on the freeway outside our room. At 3 in the morning, we heard large loud trucks rumbling & beeping from trucks backing up, over the air conditioning noise. The Best Western Staff should have known this and told us this before we paid over 100.00 for the motel room! 

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