Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bit of a Funk

This morning I'm in a bit of a funk. I got into with my son on the phone last night and I'm still upset. It is hard when he is in Iraq & something could happen to him & that conversation could be the last one we had.
I got up this morning and was still upset. To top it off it is foggy out and dreary out. Not your typical So Cal weather.
To top off my mood,  I can't find pictures to go with some of my recipes. Terry had me put all of my pictures on our server so we had them in one spot and we both would be able to access them, but it is never on when I NEED them! I'd go turn it on if I knew which freak'n computer is now the server! (we have 9 computer's in the studio mind you). He changed things once again so I don't know which one it is again!
Here's what I have.....
Ricotta Balls with Roasted Tomato Dipping Sauce
I hope I wrote this one down somewhere.

Lemon Chiffon Ricotta Pancakes with Mascarpone Cheese & Fruit
I have this recipe because my mom gave it to me.

This is what I could eat a whole bowl of right now.
Left over home made pasta noodles with left over Bechamel Sauce with Pancetta.
My son & his best buddies at his going away dinner.
I love you Matt

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