Sunday, October 30, 2011

Enjoying the End to a Perfect Birthday Weekend!

Chill'n in the shade with flower cake from Annie. Reading Elements of Taste.

Sophie, that's mine my balloon!
Lulu on the lookout above me.

Jose Andre's BAZAAR  (angels harking). 

A cake you can truly say is low cal. Thanks Annie, it's awesome! 

My first cocktail at Bazaar. This is just a teaser.
There will be much more in my blog on our night at BAZAAR.

Terry & I at our lovely table at BAZAAR (angels "aaahhhhh")

Flowers from my honey.

Thank you honey & my other honey, my son Matt. He must have forgotten that this was part of your Birthday gift to me also. Thank you both for this very extravagant Birthday dinner. It was perfect. Bazaar (ahhhaahhh there's those angels again), I'll be back soon. 

Having a little belated bday dinner for Craigie since I had melt down & didn't make his party earlier in the week.
Jo, my SH, Craige, Terry & I. Eating soup I made with acorn squash from the garden. Sage, butter, half n half, a touch of cinnamon & sugar & spices. Sour cream swirled on top. Nummer, perfect for a cool autumn evening. 

Though we totally blew the "DIET" the night before, I tried to stay somewhat with the  program.
Gratin made with cauliflower & Broccoli from NOHO Farmer's Market.
Organic, grass fed rib eye. Topped with blue cheese, chanterelle mushrooms, bell peppers & onions cooked in butter, olive oil  & madeira wine. Topped with a drizzle of balsamic Jo brought me back from Italy.

Baby greens, rocket, spinach with roasted beets, avocado, artichoke hearts & dried tomatoes.  Dressed with oil left from dried tomatoes, olive oil and spices.

Craigie & I getting ready to blow our candles out! Again, thanks Annie. Wish you were here.

Craigie with that damn plastic cup!!!

My SH doing his little trick with the napkin. 1 2 3 tada, boobies! We are sooo mature!  Yes, he is a teacher. Sorry Annie, we tried to tape it for you but it was too dark. Next time you're here we'll make sure he does it just for you!

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