Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Didn't Fall Off

I jumped off, the so called "Wagon" last night! I think I jumped so hard I may have bruised myself.
What a frustrating day yesterday was, right down to going next door for a little party for Craigie's birthday.

The BFCD eating was fine. As usual it's all about the wine, for me.

                  Day 3 of the BFCD
Terry's Breakfast
Ham, Cheese & Egg Tart

Bexx, Ham, Cheese, Spinach & Egg Tart Terry's not a fan of spinach for breakfast but I love it any time.
Spray a ramekin with oil spray.
Put a slice of ham in ramekin add spinach, 2 eggs, grated cheese, season with salt pepper I also used Spike my favorite everyday seasoning.
Heat oven to 400 cook for 10 minutes. Turn down to 350 cook another 10min. Pull out cool a bit and eat!

So back to the frustrations of the day.
First, is what my son & I were into it about, a few weeks ago. I think I need to explain a bit since it has been a huge part of my frustration, thus stress.

He failed to handle his taxes for several years. He then decided he wanted to finally handle them before he left, thus leaving for me to handle. Why I said I would help him, I'll never know. I guess that's just what mother's do.

He gave me some spread sheets with expenses etc. and they are a bit of a mess. So it's not like I can just send off to our accountant. Every time I look at them I find things missing or not added correctly. So here they sit. I told myself I was going to get them off my desk on Tuesday. Well Tuesday, I had to handle things in our lives. I sat down at the end of the day and started to put together, but didn't get finished. So I told myself, I had to get them off my desk once and for all yesterday, well.... first I had to pay Shawn's (our other son, Terry's son actually, who is in Afghanistan) college loan that Terry is on the hook for since the loan is in his name and Shawn refuses to pay it. A whole other story for another time.  I go to  the student loan website that was a complete bitch to set up initially, but has been fine for several years. Well, they decided to "update"  or change their website and I could not get in. Terry had to call, only to find out that he needed to set up a whole new log in pw etc. He then gave to me, well, I'm sure you can guess what happened next. You are correct, I still couldn't get in. After Terry calling and being on the phone for a good 45 minutes to an hour, you guessed it, I still have not been able to get in.

The other thing I needed to get off my desk is the cancellation of the security service we've been locked into a contract for 3 yrs for both houses. I had to get Wayne to call with me so we could cancel by phone. Well.... Wayne has never used this system and I couldn't find where I'd put his password that they ask for when you call. So I then had to write a letter to fax over for cancellation. Of course when I went to print, I was out of black ink! I thought I had an extra on hand but of course not. So off I go to the store to get ink. It took some time for me to get the cartridge in correctly. Once I finally got everything working I punch in the number that was given to me for the fax. Can you guess? The number did not work and it was past 5PM, so there it sits waiting for me to also deal with it today!

While trying to handle the things I WANT OFF MY DESK,  I'm trying to pick up & clean up since Terry was putting some shelves and things up over the weekend & last few days and there was crap everywhere along with debris.

I  did get some time in the studio in the morning to work on some new songs, but I couldn't focus since I had all that "stuff" haunting me & waiting for me, on my desk! I also have been cleaning out a shed so we can put tools etc. in it for the winter. During the move of the studio last year several boxes of wires were thrown in there and have been taking up all kinds of space and were just a big mess. So I put all the boxes & crap into the new studio so Terry would have to address. So there they sit now, junking up the studio. I'm one who cannot practice well with crap everywhere, because I want to clean it up. Anyway I did get some time in, just not quality time.

In the morning I'd gotten a txt from Jo that Janet next door was having a little birthday thing for Craigies birthday. I'd offered to do a dinner for Craig on Sunday for his birthday, but he's one of those sports guys and dinner would have interrupted his football watching time. So we get this invite to a carb fest for his birthday (cake & lasagna) totally against our diet. I thought I'd just pop over and say happy birthday and leave some wine. Janet bless her heart, she works all day at a bank and I'm sure had to pick up cake etc. She said to be there at 6:30. So 6:45 I leave Terry with some soup to eat, put on my coat and start over there. When I get out in the front yard I could see she was not home, since her lights aren't on. So I call Craigie thinking maybe it was over at his place. He tells me he doesn't know anything except to prop open the front gate so people can get into the apartment building and he hadn't even taken a shower yet. OK, that just put me over the edge. I went back inside and opened a bottle of wine and said the hell with it all. I'm done for the day! I just want to watch some  food and be done with the day. That is what I did and here I am with it all still on my desk.

Here we go, another day. Hopefully with much less frustration. I may just stay in my jamies all day today!

Dinner Chicken & Vegetable Soup.
I had some fresh chicken broth I'd made from a left over roast chicken I had. You can use store  bought if you don't have any fresh or frozen home made on hand.
Heat up the broth if adding onions (I used little green ones)  & mushrooms if you like. Then add chunks of chicken breast. Cook on med until chicken is cooked. After chicken is cooked add veggies. I added broccoli & cauliflower. Cook a few minutes salt 7 pepper to taste 7 serve. 

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