Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day One & Two of Belly Fat Cure

OK, so I've had three glasses of wine each night. I like to have one while I cook (it just doesn't seem like cooking without one). Then I like to have one with dinner. My third and the one I really want & think I truly enjoy most, is after dinner. After my day, after I've cooked then cleaned up. This is when I really relax from the day.
Maybe I could try leaving out the first two and having just one after dinner & clean up?

Saute's spinach with mushrooms, green onions & bell pepper.
Heat pan on med then add olive oil. On the BFCD you are only allowed to use olive oil or coconut oil.
Though it is popular belief that coconut oil is bad for you. I've read quite a bit of literature contrary to this belief, so this makes sense to me. We all know about olive oil, this is mostly what I use and have on hand.
Once oil is hot, add your onions, mushrooms and bell pepper cook until tender.
If the rest of your meal is not ready yet, turn down and keep veg warm.
Just before you are ready to plate. Turn the heat back up to med, med/high. Add spinach cook a bit then stir or toss with tongs, cooking  until wilted. This will only take a few minutes so plan accordingly.
 Day 1 Dinner                                                            
Broiled Salmon & Spinach
When I thawed this salmon it was a bit fishy so I did a bit more than usual when preparing.
Sprinkle Lawry's seasoning or other seasoning of your choice.
Sprinkle a bit of Braggs amino acid or soy sauce.
I put a tiny bit of butter and some fresh squeezed lemon.
Broil until just a light pink & serve.

Day 2 Dinner
Day 2 was  a supper busy day. Had breakfast with Lauren. Forgot and got the skinny breakfast & brought one home for Terry after realizing he wouldn't like it.
After busy, busy day of running around etc.
Taco Salad
Heat up pan add olive oil & some diced onions (you're suppose to go easy on the onions. I'm sure it's because of sugar content). Cook until soft. Add your beef I used about 12oz of organic beef.
Add taco some taco seasoning or any other seasoning you have on hand such as chili, cumin salt pepper. I like the taco seasoning because it gives you a bit of a sauce. Though I'm sure if I looked closely at the ingredients there is  sugar in the blend, so probably not the best choice.
Chop up ice berg lettuce & cabbage & put into individual serving bowl or large bowl.
Top with whatever you'd like. On BFCD you're also suppose to go easy on tomatoes so I didn't put on top. Instead I put just a bit of salsa (no sugar added) on top. I also topped with some avocado, jicama, cheese and sour cream, some pumpkin seeds (on mine) & a bit of quality olive oil.

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