Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Think I Figured It Out!

OK, all of you who are ALWAYS asking me "DID YOU WRITE IT DOWN"?!!!
I think I've figured out a way to remember everything I did or do when I create a recipe!
I take pictures every, I mean every, step of the way.
Though I think Terry & Joakim are still going to put a camera in the kitchen to tape what I am doing, I think this will work. That is as long as I remember to take the pictures of each step & each ingredient, I think
I did it last night and I JUST WROTE IT ALL DOWN, HAH!

OK, it's 4PM. I just finished cleaning & doing a bit of gardening all day, now I have to figure out what I'm making for dinner before the guys get here in about an hour.

Let me get a glass of wine & think about it.
Let's see, I've got this beautiful local Black Cod and Shrimp from CCM from Santa Barbara, really should have been prepared Sunday when I bought it.
Beautiful Chanterelle's from FM. I've also just picked about 5 or 6 acorn squash from the garden. I also have a bunch of end of season Tomatoes & some bell & cayenne peppers. 

I'll make a broth with thyme from the garden, both peppers, tomatoes, orange juice & wine for the shrimp  (recipe to come in another post).

I think this recipe is a keeper, mmmm.
Last shrimp of the season from CCM.

Great for a cool Autumn evening on the patio.

Black cod with fennel, chanterelle's & leomon 

Warm spinach salad with acorn squash, dried cherries, cramini mushrooms, shallots and candied bacon.

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