Thursday, October 13, 2011

Girls Afternoon Out

Wow, we are back in the 100's again! Just a week ago it was in the 50's & pouring down rain!
But hey, where else in the world can you go out in a sleeveless or no sleeves when it is suppose to be the time of year that you're either wearing a coat or sweater & sit outside & have a lovely lunch?

I needed to pick some things up at Sur La Table (my crack store), so I enticed Lauren to join me with the thought of having her favorite salad from Granville Cafe, so we could have a girls afternoon. Granville Cafe is at The Americana in Glendale right on Brand street. We love sitting outside & people watching. I have to make myself get out now & again & just have a bit of time off. Going to Granville for lunch fulfills this need.

Lauren sitting on the Patio at Granville Cafe, getting ready to dive into her  favorite salad!

Spring Salad  with grilled chicken fresh berries & Lauren's absolute favorite part, Pecan Brittle!
My Turkey Club Salad. Basically a Cobb with Turkey (I'd been craving a cobb).
I'm pretty picky about eating out and this is a restaurant I have enjoyed in the past. They have one in Burbank, but I don't like going to that one. You have to stand in line and order your food then they bring it to you. As I tell Lauren, "if I'm going out, I want to be waited on for a change". 

The food is usually very good here, but I was a bit disappointed in the food this time. Lauren's salad didn't seem to have as much fruit on it and definitely not as much brittle. 
The several times we've gone in the past we've had this really great waiter. This time, not so much. When I told the waitress that I'd like my dressing on the side and would also like some sort of Italian dressing or something light on the side she told me "your salad comes with a blue cheese and balsamic dressing". I don't know where they put the balsamic, because it was just like a heavy blue cheese dressing. I had to ask her for some olive oil to go with it, since I didn't want an all heavy dressing. Lauren asked her for some more bread, which I was not impressed with to begin with, and she didn't even ask me if I'd like some more. Lauren is so funny. When I pointed that out to Lauren, she said, "well she brought several pieces back" (she is so cute). I told her, that was not the point. A good server, hostess etc. does not leave the other person out. You ask the other person if they would also like some more  or if there was something else they could get you. It amazes me, that these simple, what I consider to be common sense things are missed so often. It actually drives me crazy, especially when a person is "expecting" a tip! I don't know if they are not trained properly or what?
All and all I'd give this experience at Granville a "6".

A few other menu item's I've had or someone I've been with has had in the past, that I could recommend are: the Taco Trio, Lettuce Cups, The Village Burger. 

It was a nice afternoon out. Lauren & I went to a few of our 9my) favorite stores & I ended up meeting up with Terry, since he'd just had a meeting in the area. We did some shopping at the mall together, as Lauren was feeling a bit tired. All in all it was a very nice and very hot October afternoon.


  1. Granville in Burbank? On San Fernando Road?? I've eaten there several times and have always been waited on at the table. The only people I've ever seen get counter service were people ordering take out. Unless something has changed or I'm thinking of the wrong place.

  2. It's the same place. I've only gone at lunch time. Maybe they just do it at lunch either way didn't like having to pay same price as other location and stand in line to order!

  3. Well yeah. If you're not gonna wait on me a.) don't charge me as much and b.) don't expect a tip. Fair is fair!

  4. I get so frustrated when the waitron does not listen!

  5. It is all just common sense, don't you think.


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