Friday, November 4, 2011


Come & support the NOHO Farmer's Market.
Here's a few pictures of the Farmer's Market on Bakman & Magnolia on Saturdays 9AM-2PM.

Please come and support the market so we can keep it going and grow it.
I've talked to several of my favorite vendors at the Hollywood Farmer's Market. They have asked me to let them know how it is doing before they consider bringing their products to NOHO Farmer's Market. I'm asking all the locals in the Valley to come and support so we can get more vendors, such as fresh mushrooms, beef, fish poultry and a greater variety of fruits and vegetables.

Come check it out. It's a very nice little market with some great offerings.


  1. can u please give the address

  2. Yes, I'm sorry I should have done that! It's basically on the corner of Magnolia and Bakman Ave., North Hollywood. It's on Bakman between Chandler and Magnolia is another way of looking at it.
    They seem to be struggling I hope they survive and flourish. It's not looking so good right now.


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