Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Low Carb Spaghetti & Meatballs

No I haven't forgotten the Belly Fat Cure!
With my birthday and all, we haven't been following to the letter. The only times I've had carbs, that is excluding wine, was Friday and just a bit of tasting for cupcakes I made for Halloween. I made sure all of those cupcakes and candy left with those that came over.
So....... as usual it is...... THE WINE! Even with all that, I've lost 5lbs. This just amazes me! Just think if I'd stop drinking wine, oh well I can dream I can do it.
Terry may start trying to get me to, since he was watching the news this morning & they were reporting that a new study says that  just having a few glasses of wine a week (ha?) can raise a woman't  chances of breast cancer. He called me in to the room to show me. I told him I already knew that & not to even say a word. He freaks when it comes to my health, since I've already has stage 3 colon cancer. I'm enjoying my time here on earth the way I want to live it. It is not open to discussion! though, I'm sure I haven't heard the end of it though.

Back to the BFCD. I've been eating and preparing supper high fat and no carb meals (well low carb meaning veggies). I've had to back off on the fat a bit, as it has bothered Terry stomach. So last night I went very light on fats.

I finally got someone to come in and help me clean. While she (Juanita) cleaned cupboards, glass shelves etc. I got to clean one of my ovens. Just had to take a picture of how clean it is.
Ahh, this makes me soooo happy.

What'd you say to me?

Meatballs with mozzarella filling.

Meatballs in canned tomatoes from my dad & Betty's garden. Some beef stock,  just a tad to half n half, capers, a bit of anchovy paste, capers, aromatics & spices.

My Spaghetti. Spaghetti squash, halved and cleaned out.
I had some oil left from my dried tomatoes & I sprinkled some dried herbs, salt & pepper.

I didn't have time to put together the recipe yet. If anyone wants the recipe. Please email me at and I'll send you the recipe.


  1. I think that everything in moderation is good for you!

  2. I totally agree. The problem for me is moderation and wine don't always go hand in hand! I'll keep working on it though.


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