Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 What a Year it Was!

When I look back on 2011, what a year. In 2010 I made the decision to start to back away a bit from Univaya and start getting into my passions and start building my dream of a restaurant some day where my food can be served and I could perform, while fulfilling my love for design & creating beautiful parties, table settings & floral arrangements.

My first step was to start a Private Supper Club that we named BEXX SECRET GARDEN. I came up with this name because people walk by our house and they all comment on my front garden and how much they enjoy it. The real surprise is when you walk through out gate. People are always amazed at what lies behind this gate in the middle of concrete, large building & apartments! Though friends that have hung here for years call it the Cantina or The Oprah Den, as my friend Annie calls it. She always says the conversation & the people are fascinating. She's a writer, so of course she picks up on so much more than the rest of us. For the rest the Cantina fits because it's a cool & relaxing and of course the food is always great! It will always be the Cantina to many but I love BEXX SECRET GARDEN for my Supper Club.

Of course in order to do this I felt we needed to fix some things up and make more seating area for people so the construction began. In true Bexx style we installed new pathways & patio pavers, gazebo's finishing just before our first event BEXX OPEN HOUSE. Thanks to my wonderful husband (though the morning of my event I had to get him out of bed at 11AM!!!!) and all of my wonderful and amazing friends we pulled off the first event.

It's been a bit of trial by error. Brian and I also did a wine tasting. Then of course I wanted to do another event for the Holiday season. This after we'd been under construction for a month or so and I had to do several parties and holiday dinners etc. through it all! Yes Brain, since you said it.... I think I am Martha Stewart on crack!! The thing is again, thanks to my wonderful husband and wonderful friends we pulled it off.  I told my poor husband when we met in Vegas all those years ago, "you thought I was just this singer". "You didn't know you were marrying a crazy woman that would rope you into all of these things did you"?

We suddenly  lost our Johnny this year. For those of you that don't know who is he was, he was our plumber and I just adored him. He was always there when I needed him. I miss his walking around and talking to himself while he worked. I miss him coming in and eating a banana every time he came over. I miss him always leaving something here. I miss his laugh and his just popping in to say hi when he could.. I sure do miss him when I have a plumbing problem like just yesterday when my current dishwasher that is about to be replaced tomorrow was backing up and getting water everywhere yesterday. Most of all I just miss your sweet smile.

We lost Joakim back to his homeland just last month. I will miss him but know we'll be in touch and going to visit him in Sweden! We're already planning a visit in September after we go to London for me to sing at a wedding there. We also lost Ken who also lived next door to us and worked for us. He had to move back to England to care for an ailing father. Steve, our electrician, I know I collect seem to collect home care workers if you want to call them that. Steve's medical problems have evolved to where he now has to use a cane to walk. Steve I love you but you drive me nuts!! He follows me around like a puppy dog and won't leave me alone! Steve I hope you are able to resolve your issues and are back here bugging me in 2012!

I also really started to focus on my cookbook and Terry and I really started to hone our idea for my little cooking and travel show. We did my first interview in Oregon at Mt. Hood Winery with Steve Bickford the owner (watch for the interview this year!). My website almost came to fruition....   Knowing how these things go I  decide to start this blog in lieu of waiting for the "new" website, thank goodness since there have been problems along the way and it is still not finished.  I won't even go into that whole ordeal.

I developed quite a few new recipes and honed my cookbook idea some more.
Jo & Terry mmmm another meal!

Craigie & Soph supervising Curtis & I

Ahh, wall & french doors in & stucco, two days before Blue Christmas Partty

The Real Diva

Look I'm a Angel

I'm the wise man

Now the Shepard

Bexx Blue Christmas
Curtis helping to create Bexx crazy

Blue Christmas Ice Arrangement

Two days before Blue Christmas Event this is what we looked like!

Again two days before!

We lost Johnny but I found Juanita. Finally some more help in the kitchen for Blue Christmas!

Setting Up for Blue Christmas.

Kitchen chaos before Blue Christmas Event.

Ahh, it does look pretty. Much different than two days ago!

Dessert room being set up.

Spinach & Chicken

Brian & his girl.

Shrimp Soup

Fresh Black Cod from the Creepy Crab Man.

Arch into gazebo before the remodel. Workers destroyed all of my bougs!

Again before construction I now have to get all my greenery back.

My Plumeria or otherwise known as The Stick or The Devils Pitch Fork, names come form Terry & Criaig. This is from 2010 it didn't bloom in 2011. Had to transplant due to new construction let's hope it comes back. It's not looking so good right now.

Finally THE LASAGNA! Now that I've finally recreated the recipe for everyone no one wants to make it. They say it's too complicated, just invite us over when you make it again.

Apple & Ricotta Tart.

MMM, Truffle Risotto with Poached Egg & Asparagus. 

Fresh Veg Torte.

Squash & Duck Confit Ravioli.

Ahh, Charls & Stephanie at Easter Dinner

Jeff & Lauren Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner

Cheese & Berry Tart

4th of Julu under new gazebo's and on new patio!

4th of July Desserts!

Dinner for Craigies Birthday.

Broccoli & Cauliflower Au gratin for Craigies Birthday. 

First Bexx Secret Garden Event!

Jo's going away party while under construction so I was waaaayyyy behind trying to make pizza and EVERYONE IS IN MY KITCHEN!!!!

A Summer Dinner

Another Party

We lost Zappa for a time (the diva kitties were very happy) but we found him thanks to putting out flyers.

Matt got out of the Military only to take a job in Iraq! Going away dinner with best buddies.


My mother came to visit. Her sleeping aids.

2 Weeks before Thanksgiving I decided we needed to redo overhang on patio!

Hey Terry leave us alone!

Life is good.

Lulu & Jo. Jo please don't go!

1 day before Blue Chrismas

Ugghhh, the messes EVERYWHERE!!!

Finally the toilet Johnny plumbed in, in 2010, In...

My new patio that Terry & I (mostly I ) laid during the summer. Jacob decided to mix cement on top of!!! I just love construction workers! They use your tools, screw up your yard etc., etc., etc...,.

My workout area. It has a cover on it now but..... no working out until I can get this mess and many others cleaned up! Welcome to 2012!

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