Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Soooo, we're trying to finish up our remodel, install etc. so we can get into the New Year! Before Terry has to go to England, before my next event and my convention.
Lowe's brought in and installed my new refrigerator & even moved my old one to it's new home on the property!
New home for frig in Frig Alley!

Beautiful new frig with plenty of room for platters etc. Merry Christmas to me!
So new frig in on Dec. 29th, yeah. New dishwasher still waiting to be picked up after trip to Palm Springs for New Year. This is where the story starts.

Terry wanted to install the dishwasher himself. Do any of you see where I'm going with this? So we go to Palm Springs where I drink waaayyyy toooo much... So much, I had to visit Ralph a few times driving home from Palm Springs on New Years day and I was hung over for another few days. The lesson here is "Work On New Years"!! 
Needless to say it took a few days to finally pick the new dishwasher up and get it here. So there it sat on the patio for a day or two until Terry could get to it. Now for those of you that don't know my husband WE ARE COMPLETE OPPOSITES! Where I just want to hurry and get something done so I can move onto the next thing that needs my attention, Terry is very meticulous and he can let a project go for some time and just work around it. This is the cause of much disagreement and aggravation between the two of us.  OK, so he gets up (much later than I) on Thursday morning starts looking for instillation directions, that he never could find but I found just laying there the other day. Oh, also a few days prior our old dishwasher was spewing water everywhere from the drain hole on the sink. So he was also trying to figure out what caused this. 2PM rolls around and I have an appointment for my nails that I'd made for the afternoon assuming we would have the dishwasher installed by then, silly me. He tells me he would be fine and to go ahead and go. Well apparently he snuck off back into the studio most of the time I was gone, hmmm, what a surprise.

As I'm getting ready to leave he calls asking when I'll be home because he has to go to the hardware store for a part and does not want to lock up the house and yard. He also tells me he had been in the studio doing other things, again hah? I let it go, knowing questioning him would do NO good. I get home he goes to hardware store and returns. We start to pull out the old dishwasher. While he is working on that I decide to try to open our little kitchen door as far as possible so we can get the old out and the new in. So I gently push the door back because my double ovens are right there. Well, I must have just hit the outer edge of  my bottom glass oven door at just the right spot with the kitchen door handle. The door shattered, and I mean shattered and glass flew everywhere!  Really? Oh well, let me sweep it up. 

We get the old dishwasher out of the house and the new one in. Terry then announces "it's getting dark". "I'll have to finish this tomorrow". I say "what do you mean we're inside". As I'm saying this he is reaching for a cocktail glass. So let me translate "it's cocktail hour and I'm done for the day". Again, I know better than to try to push at this point. So there my new dishwasher sits along with dishes all over my counter because we didn't want to run the old dishwasher due to water problem. There was also a very slow drip from one of the hoses that was now just laying there on the floor unhooked, so we had it over a small bowl. 

I decide I need to practice, so I go out to the studio for about an hour while Terry watches his politics on TV. I come back in throw on something comfy. Terry goes out to close up the studio. I also decide to run the vacuum for any stray pieces of glass I may have missed when I swept. So I'm vacuuming away ladeeda. I start to go towards the kitchen doolook over to the kitchen door and look at the floor and coming out from under the kitchen cabinets there is water! Hot water at that. I go out and yell to Terry. By the time he gets in I'm looking at the hose that was a small drip has now filled the bowl and water is all over the floor.  Terry is frantically trying to turn off the water valve under the sink and it is just spraying everywhere!! We end up having to  turning off the main valve for the hot water to both houses. 

I guess for some reason the valve under the sink is bad. It still isn't fixed but now that it's hooked up, I guess we don't need to worry about it, though it needs to still be fixed. Oh Johnny, where are you! Can you send me down some plumbing knowledge? 

Day two: 
Terry gets the dishwasher hooked up.
Problem number 3 comes in:
 Again, for those of you that don't know, our house is a guest house that use to be a garage in the 20's. Needless to say, the building is not even close to being to code. We did redo the kitchen a few years back. At that time when we tore out the old cabinets there wasn't concrete under the cabinets, there was dirt. Apparently when the new kitchen was redone they left the dirt! So we have the concrete floor then the dirt. How my last dishwasher worked, I have no idea. needless to say my new dishwasher is a bit taller than my last, with the controls on the top of the door under the counter top.  
New Dishwasher Almost In...

Hmmm, what now?
Ok, so we decide, to leave it for the time being while I'm busy planning my menu for Valentine's and Terry is busy readying for his trip to the UK.
I use it and my dishes are beautiful! So all is good. 

Problem #4
On Sunday I'm ready to do another load and test my "Turbo Zone" on the caked on macaroni & cheese dish. I start the dishwasher then want to add some more things, I read the directions again, making sure I did this procedure correctly. I push the cancel button etc. I push the start button, again & again and apparently the lock bar stuck in the lock mode. So here I sit hoping I didn't get a lemon waiting for the repair guy to comes today. Not sure if I got a lemon or what. We'll see. Jacob is also coming to see how we can do a work around until we have the money, time and patience to redo the kitchen properly!

It all could be worse! Life is good!

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  1. OK, I won't be able to complain about anything going wrong at my house because you have a major TRUMP card with this posting. OMG. I'd be beside myself. Glad to see you manage to keep it in perspective. You'll have to teach me that trick some day. :)


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