Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole

It's pretty funny when your mother calls and says "I have no idea what is going on in your life, because you haven't blogged in quite awhile".

I've thought about blogging. I've written blogs in my head. I've dreamt about writing, along with all the other things I have to do.  I seem to have just stumbled down the rabbit hole, sliding further & further and down just like Alice.

I realized a few things while Terry was in the UK a few weeks ago. First, I really, really like our new TV we bought over the holiday season. I've also found what it is to relax and do next to  nothing. I know this comes as a shock to some. It was also pointed out to me that it didn't seem like I was relaxing when I send out emails at 5AM in the morning (Brian), but I have enjoyed watching movies like "normal" people seem to do on a regular basis.

Something else has arisen. I've enjoyed not cooking while Terry has been gone. I had all kinds of plans to start working on getting a baguette recipe down along with some other things, but nothing!

Though I usually clean like a mad woman while Terry is out of the house for several days, I just didn't have my normal energy. I conjured up enough energy to clean up the front patio, finally after the holidays and construction. Not to mention my newly discovered arthritis in my knee (during my trip to Urgent Care on Christmas Eve) & the latest cortisone shot into the front of my knee, that had me off of my feet for a day and  taking it a bit easy. Since the shot my knee is hurting more not less, what fun.

I've also been battling with my allergies which affect my voice. I've been battling with the doc on treatment etc. I think we've come to terms, now I just need to get new tests done.

Oh, not to mention administrative work and learning curves for new programs, widgets, apps etc. in order to have my mailing list etc. for Secret Garden & Diva's Dishes set up better (still in the process of working all that out). And let's not forget singing and the fact that the yard and house "were" still a huge mess from all the construction! Oh, and we are still having plumbing and water problems, what is it with water and us this year???

Due to all of this and the fact that my Table Top contest and Catering & Events convention are right around the corner, I decided not to do my Valentine Event. I realized I was just pushing too much tooooo soon AGAIN!

It took me a whole day to take down our decor in the gazebo's for the Blue Christmas event. Matt helped me one day while he was home, with some of the heavy crap cleaning  up and throwing stuff  away.  Over the weekend I took the plunge and cleaned most of the rest of the back & side of the house. You can now see my workout area, though I can't work out right now. It was such a mess. The guys working here just threw my stuff around and threw crap back there. I'm still trying to figure out how half burnt wood got into my workout area! I also cleaned most of the back of the house. I finally got all of the sawdust off of my poor plants and cleaned enough so I could get water to the poor babies. Ahhh, it feels so much better now. I still have a bit more to do but it's not so overwhelming.

I've got Brett, one of Matt's friends helping me finish painting the front and we are also taking on my bathroom and all the little stuff Jacob didn't finish. So life is calming down a bit and it feels so good.
I didn't realize how exhausted I was from all of the parties and construction the months of Nov. Feb.

Doors painted now I need to do some magic to make them look old.

Almost there! No more white stucco.

Nice job Jacob big clump of stucco on the wires!

We paid for this?

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  1. sometimes it is good to just do nothing but relax :)


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