Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

I've been sooo busy here at The Catersource & Events Idea Factory Convention. I wanted to write a quick update for everyone who has been emailing, texting, & calling me with good wishes. Thank you!
Yesterday was my first day to really get into the seminars and I've learned so much and met some really great people.

TODAY is set up day for my Table Top display.
TOMORROW is the judging and announcement of who the winners are at closing of the convention.

I must say, I've been having some self doubt since we went to the convention center on Sunday to unload all my stuff for the table top. Looks like everyone is bringing the Big Guns this years. Nothing like last year. Big companies too, one being Chumash Casino! There was only one other contestants stuff there when we set up and they had a big tree!
We had to make two trips. First we dropped off all the table top stuff then we had to get the chairs and drop them.I'm glad we put all our stuff in Sunday, as there weren't many people so we got in and got out easily & quickly.   Had we done it yesterday, it would have taken forever waiting our turn to get in.

Great guys that helped us in and gave me some tips. I guess last year some contestants did steal idea's from others, hmmmm.

Set up space for all of the contestants

My space is kind of in the middle on the far side.
 Terry is pissed I'm where I am and not in a corner. I think it will be fine as long as I stand out.

I just barley fit in my space with my chairs.

All my stuff for my display.

Only one other constant had their stuff there. 

Check out the tree! What's in that ice chest?
P.S. Yes there may be more typo's or incorrect grammar. Please note I've had no sleep for three nights and I wanted to get up early to get this out to you all.
Wish me luck. I think I'm going to need it!! 


  1. Go get 'em Bexx. You're going to be amazing! Can't wait to hear all the dirt when you get home with your PRIZE!

  2. Wait... What is in the Ice Chest? what is it???? I won't be able to sleep till I know. Oh My Goodness....First and foremost girlfriend... Have a blast. You got this, all the way Bexxs! Love you!


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