Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They Say..... Third Time is a Charm

When I got home from the Fashion District on Monday. What fun that was. I forgot it was a feekin holiday, so there were all kinds of people down there! On the way back there was a bad accident on the freeway (of course because it was a holiday I took the freeway instead of Sunset Blvd. as I usually do), so it seemed to take forever to get down there, do what I needed and get back. I didn't even go to the flower mart. I just wanted to get my fabric and get the hell out of there.
When I finally returned home, ready to go to task on my arrangements and get them finished,  I was looking at my lantern arrangement, something was off. It was just not quite right.  So I decided to re-do it, again. Third time is a charm!

The way it looked on Sunday.

You can't really see it here but it's leaning a bit.

Flowers pulled out ready for round three!

All this work has worn me out!

Lantern ready to get dressed again.

Redo of branches on top piece.


Starting all over again.

Hmmm, did you do this just for me?
Base of arrangement.

All I'm gonna do before we get to set up.

I'm ready to be wrapped for the trip to Vegas!

A few more finishing touches then I'm ready.

Wrapped & ready to go!

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  1. I get so mad with myself when my short cut takes longer than usual! Lovely arrangement :)


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