Sunday, February 19, 2012

Table Top Design Update

Well,  I mis-measured my table cloth skirt. Curtis came over to help with sewing yesterday. He spent his  afternoon sewing a few things for the table cloth, the main one being the skirt. AFTER... he cut & sewed the hems on the skirt  fabric and pinned onto the top of the table cloth, we realized we were about a yard and a half short. I should have had Terry double check my calculation. Well, that is, if I'd calculated. I didn't really calculate. As usual, I kind of  winged it. You think this may be where the problems lies? Note to self... calculate everything, especially fabrics! To top it off, I found the skirt fabric at a really great price and bought all they had, so I can't go get more. I do think I have an even better idea for the skirt, though it means MORE money. When I was down town on Friday, I did see some other fabric that I think would be awesome for the skirt. The only problem is, I now have to go back to the the fashion district tomorrow. I thought I was finished going down there for awhile. Oh well.

I think I have finally settled on my place setting though. The problem is Macy's near me, only had three of the large plates. So I've gambled and ordered the rest online. I have a feeling I'll be driving to Canoga Park and or Beverly Center this week to buy the rest in person. I do love these Martha Stewart  leaf plates.

While Curtis sewed, I started on my center piece.
My floral arrangement will go on top of this.

As usual, Lucy is into everything!
Though, I must say, both girls have been pretty good when it comes to not destroying my arrangement.
The Freekin Raccoon we have living here, is another story.
He's actually broken the wings off my fairies and pulled some of the flowers apart!
If  I only had time to deal with him!!!

My arrangement is not quite finished and a bit messy here.
It's been shoved behind the couch and got a bit smashed.

Lantern with arrangement.

Trying to peek in at the fairies hding.

Are you in there?

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