Monday, July 18, 2011


Hi Everyone,
I just have a few minutes while having coffee to post something really quick, before my day is off and running full blast again.
I've been busy the last few days, with shopping and cleaning and I'm back to finishing the patio, yuck. I pulled my back really good yesterday. I think I forgot to focus on lifting with my legs. I almost finished laying the patio...  I ran out of sand though! I was not up for going to get it since I'd been shopping half the day buying furniture etc. for the yard. All the big sales are on right now, so  I've been a bit of a mad woman.

I've got to get out to buy sand some bricks and a few plants to finish off yard this morning. Then I need to get back and rehearse for a few hours. I tried to rehearse last evening when I'd fished laying patio but I was just way tooooo tired (it may also have been that I  realized later I'd just had a few handfuls of cherries all all day) so I've got to rehearse before I start on the yard. It's going to be hotter today and I know I won't feel like rehearsing after schlepping in the heat all day.

I have 2 tapas idea's down and on the menu.
Songs are coming along great.
Yard should be ready to go by midweek!

All I have left is:
food, of have to straighten out my shed with all of my dishes etc. in it. Especially since I went a bit mad at Macy's on Saturday buying tapas dishes and platters.
I still need to get the bathroom done (I forgot this on original list) have a bit of flooring to lay and need to paint.
I know there is more but right now I need to focus on task's at hand!

Have a great day everyone! I'm off....


  1. You do realize that if you kill yourself before the 30th, this whole open house/supper club thing won't be nearly as successful. Just thought I'd mention that. :)

  2. I tried doing brick work once - mine looks wobbly! Well done on all you are doing :)


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