Friday, July 22, 2011


It's been a crazy and a bit exhausting few days (well really what days aren't for me).

Curtis with an idea!

Just took a picture of this for my daughter!

Wow, so much to go through!

Looking down on part of the market.

Again, wow!
I know I haven't posted for a few days. This is mainly because of technical difficulties. I went to post Tuesday morning and there was something wrong with the blog site and I could not post or even save my post. After a day at the Fashion District

Curtis is smiling here because we are just getting started!

 then Tommy's for a quick cut then to the market and preparing dinner, I was to tired to post.

We bought lots of fabric, but when I got home I realized we didn't really get anything I went for or could really use for my open house, except for some fabric I got to put behind me when I perform. That alone though, was worth the trip!

I then tried to post Weds. evening and my internet was down. At that point I had rehearsed for three hours in the morning. Worked a bit in the yard. Shopped for the event the rest of the day then came home and had Joakim over before he left for Sweden for the three weeks. We're gonna miss you Jo! Having done all that and then my internet down. I just did not have the energy to try to fix it.
Thursday, well I don't really have an excuse besides I was just tired. I cleaned and organized my shed with all my dishes and supplies in it, so I know what the hell I have in there! I then cleaned in the kitchen and worked on some meatball recipes for the Open House and made some veggie stock and worked on a beef rib for stuffing that I found in the freezer. Again, I was just toooo tired to post.
Today; it's back in the studio this morning to practice. Hopefully my sinus and voice will be better today. I'm don't have much faith though, since a sinus headache woke me at 5AM this morning. I have to practice no matter, since it's getting to be crunch time. I think I've narrowed down my song list to about 17 (I know you told me 10 Curtis, but I just can't! I have so many songs I want to sing for everyone) and I have my song order down, so that is good. Terry and I need to get back on the yard today and get it finished! It's just the fussy little things left to do.

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