Friday, July 15, 2011


First off, I didn't forget about my challenge, I just can't get to my pictures. Terry has been on me to put all of my pictures on our server so we have them in one place and he can get to them in case he wants to use on my website etc. (I still can't get to any of our South African pictures since we have so many computers and drive and who knows what else, we don't  know where they all are).Wouldn't you know it, now that I put all my pictures directly onto the server the server would go down, or there is a software problem or something.... So now I can't get to my pictures until Terry can fix it.

I did my first meal with ingredients out of the frig on Tuesday. I'll post what I did when I can get to my pictures.
Wednesday: I was trying to come up with some idea's for my open house, so we ate the last of the veggie lasagna and some quinoa (I was using to try to come up with recipe idea's).
Thursday: we went out and met Richard and Brian for a bite.
The frig is looking a bit better but I still need to finish cleaning it out. I haven't even touched anything in the freezer.
I did go to the store yesterday for coffee and I picked up cherries which are gone and a few banana's, also almost gone.

I'm feeling a bit better about my open house. I do have two weekends before it is upon us. I think I will be fine. Brian and Richard have offered to help in anyway they can."Thanks guys". Curtis will help and I'm sure I'll be able to recruit others. I think I'm coming up with a game plan on the types of food and how I'll serve it so I'm feeling a bit more confident.

Curtis and I didn't go to the fashion district yesterday. He called and said he had the whole day off next Tuesday so we decided to go then. Instead I went and bought a few more bistro tables I've had my on eye for several months and they have come down quite a bit in price.

Terry and I have a plan for how we are going to set up the patio's and where we are going to set me up to perform

I rehearsed for a few hours again yesterday, so music and voice are coming along great.

Last but not least, I started to do a good clean in the kitchen and that feels good. My kitchen gets so much action with all the entertaining and cooking I do in there, not to mention the painting of the living room and staining of tables I've done recently, it was getting yucky.

Time to rehearse before Terry gets in the studio. 
Have a great day everyone.

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