Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Long Day in the Studio

I'm pretty sure, I mentioned how I was feeling on Saturday. My mind was just a spinning with no where to go.
Terry and I spent the day in the studio working on my video's of me singing, from my Open House. Terry is showing me how to compress large files of video so I can do myself, thus not having to wait until he can fit into his busy, busy schedule.
I practiced for several hours and was just a mess, trying to decide what to do about my audition for THE VOICE auditions. We were suppose to do sushi with Jo but we didn't know when we would finish in the studio and.... I'd bought some trout the day before. So I called Jo and told him to come over and my S.H. (surrogate husband) was around so I had enough mouths to eat all the trout I'd bought.
Stuffed with bacon fat, garden orange peppers, onion & parsley.

What do I do for a side? Mushrooms, bok choy, onions, tomatoes,  bell pepper, hot pepper, bacon fat, braggs sauce. I can make some brown rice and put something together with these ingredients!
Rendered the fat from the bacon, added some chopped red onion  leftt from the  trout stuffing & some chopped mushrooms.

Added some green onion and orange bell peppers and some green cayenne from the garden. Cooked until soft. 

Hmmm, think I'll try this wine I bought when I went wine tasting last week.

Had to buy since one of Terry's favorite drinks is Jack Daniels .

Added more mushrooms, chopped bok choy, sweet peas, some pepper, braggs & some sherry.

At the very end just before serving I added some of my fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Terry unwrapping his package!

The End.

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