Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Hate Blower's But......

I love my new out door vacuum!!! I can now get all of those damn bougainvillea petals out of my flower beds off of my patio!  
Getting ready for what turned out to be about 20 for dinner. 

I love this thing!

It's a little bulky, but so am I!
Terry love's  bougainvillea's & would have me plant them everywhere, but he doesn't have to clean them up, I do.

Last week after I'd cleaned the patio's & raked up all the leaves under that damn rubber tree, we got some gust's of wind and I was right back to where I was before, I'd spent hours cleaning the patio's, but worse. The wind had whipped up the shavings that the guys left on the roof of the studio when they trimmed the trees. I now had more leaves and wood shavings everywhere.

That night when we were having our drinks on the patio my husband said "you should just get a blower". What, did I hear what I think you said? Now, he knows my feelings on blowers, I HATE THEM!!!! They blow debris and crap all over, into your neighbors yards out in the street. Most of them are gas and they smell & pollute!!! When you are driving and someone is using a blower they blow all the crap onto your car! I am constantly fighting with the gardener's (I use this term very loosely) on properties on either side of us because they blow crap into my yard and garden. I fired the gardener or yard keeper of 20yrs (I really wouldn't call any of these guys gardener's), because he insisted on using the blower!  Did I say? I HATE BLOWERS!!!

Then the "engineer" (my husband) said, they have to make some sort of out door vacuum. I"d recalled seeing them, but only big ones that were like a mower.

Last week, when I was on my mission to find something to get rid of all the bugs that are destroying my plants (after a quote of 350 dollars to get rid of them). I thought I'd look and see if I could find some sort of vacuum. Low & behold, I found several and they were on sale!

Saturday I finally got to put it together and give it a try. After a bit of cussing and trying to understand the badly written instructions, I had'er all fired up and sicking up debris and leaves. I spent all day in the garden, trimming, cleaning & getting into places I just couldn't get to with my rake, hands etc. Wow, it was great and sooo clean when I was finished!

Can I say? I LOVE MY OUTDOOR VACUUM!! (Though the Diva' Kitties HATE IT).

Have a great day everyone. I'm off to use my Vacuum.


  1. The Diva is NOT bulky.
    The Diva is voluptuous.
    The Diva is curvaceous.
    You have to start reframing some of that negative self talk in more positive ways. :) Besides you're being so green with you new electric vacuum!

  2. I have never seen one but when my garden takes shape I might have to look for one :)

  3. They are great,just a bit bulky and my back was a bit sore after using too much.
    If you can't find one let me know I can send you one!


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