Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day Four of Road Trip

Here we are on the way to Mosier for my mom's birthday.
We're driving along the beautiful Columbia River and the Gorge.
The weather has cooled quite a bit today and it's trying to rain outside. Typical Oregon weather.
Mosier is right before the The Dalles where Google (the creator of the blogspot) has a huge facility. It is my understanding that every time we do a search on Google it take a great amount of energy, thus their facility on the river to run the power it takes to keep Google going. 
The Columbia River Gorge is a true outdoorsmans paradise. It gets very windy on the river so it is a hot spot for wind surfing. As I stated last night it is a fisherman's paradise. There are wineries, places to buy fresh fruit, fresh artisan breads, all kinds of water sports, hiking etc.
It is truly a breathtaking part of our country. Click on the links to see more about this countryside.
Stay posted for more pictures etc. 

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