Thursday, September 8, 2011

What to do...

I feel I've fallen behind on my blogging and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do today.
I was just reading a post of another blogger called THE GOOD SOUP, a beautiful blog by the way.
She was talking about having gotten a baby sitter and some time, hah? Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my 25 yr old son running around helping him with things and doing things for him. Once you have children is your life ever really yours anymore?
After reading her blog, I realized she was writing exactly how I feel today. I have so much to do where does one start? What project do you prioritize?
I started setting up my marketing/email news letter account last week and I need to get that finished, along with whatever other social media, foodie sites need setting up connecting to etc., etc., etc.
It's going to be hotter than hell again today so I need to get out and water. That would be number 1 on the list.
2.I need to work on my next news letter and figure out how to get it on the site that I'll be sending it out to. Which means I still need to enter all of the email addresses still so I can use the service to send out.
3.I need to take our broken espresso machine in to the specialist that can fix it.
4. I need to go shopping for Matt's dinner tomorrow and for ingredients for B&R's empanada's I'm making for a dinner they are having on Saturday.
5. I need to pay bills & go to the bank (not to hard)
6. I really need to practice my guitar playing and work on some songs.
7. Need to figure out dates for my next Bexx Secret Garden (BSW) events.
8. Need to call the bug people
9. Oh, and a biggie, I still need to get all of my files put back on my computer that we had to take off.
10. I would like to fit in a bit of a workout before it reaches 90 degrees or more.
I'm sure it's about 80 now so I best get out and water and get some workout in!
I haven't even started on my next news letter.

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