Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's Good Living Next Door to Bexx

I finished creating all of my recipes & menu for  my Valentine Dinner Event, yeah! Everyone watch for official menu and  information next week. Mark your calendar for Saturday February 11th! We're going to Paris to celebrate
 L 'amour and Saint Valentin here in Bexx Secret Garden!

As I was in Frig Alley putting away some ingredients, I wishing for some more taste buds to try my creations,  who should appear from over the fence?.... Craige!!! He Happened to be doing his laundry at just right time! Funny, I was thinking of calling you to see if he could come over and do some taste testing. Rather than coming allllll.... the way over. Let me bring some dishes out to the fence. Wait right there.....

Cragie on the other side of fence trying out my cheesy escargot and  Poulet a la creme (chicken in cream sauce)

Mmmm, the orgasmic cheese with escargot? Life is good in NOHO! 


BEXX, pea's would also be great in this.

It's like I'm in Paris!

 Recipes approved by Craigie!


  1. I'm trying to much more organized for this event! So planning ahead!


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