Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret Santa

I want to thank Tandy from Lavender and Lime for taking the time and energy to set up the Secret Santa gift exchange for Christmas 2011.
Of course with all my craziness, I got my gift out late! It did finally arrive to my assigned giftee... I think you would say,   Teri at The Freshman Cook. It looks as though she has posted it on her blog! Check it out if you get a chance. She is also doing a fun give away.
I have the same book, of course, due to my cookbook obsession, and am loving it. You can order it from
I received my Secret Santa gift right before I left for Oregon last week!

When I opened it, the sent of the beautiful dried oregano filled my senses!  

I received a lovely letter but my Santa stayed secret! Secret Santa, thank you so much. Everything you sent will be put to good use. I especially love the little spatula's. I know they will get almost daily use.

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